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Man has journeyed far and wide to come to the present state of science and technological development and achievement. Social and life values are accentuated. Immense and continuous efforts are focused on improving and enhancing the quality of life. In pursuance of excellence and in ensuring existence of the human race, healthcare and its business has become a towering giant in the world economy. Unfortunately, its sciences, knowledge and practices emphasized and narrowed into the corrective treatment of sickness and diseases instead of preventive healthcare.

The world is seeking a different approach and model of healthcare which is safer, natural, practical and proactive in addressing health and its concerns. The world is in the advent of biotechnological and revival of traditional healing model, a full body of natural healthcare knowledge, a comprehensive and simpler learning and practice, a highly knowledgeable and skilled group of practitioners, easy to apply and consumable natural healthcare products and medicines which are more harmonious with the body, an effective and non-invasive treatment model and preserving health will be the demand of the day. The group will synergize and focus its business and efforts towards this demand whilst being beneficial to humankind.

Bio Spektra is a fully researched natural healthcare formula by Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan, who is a Naturopath and also a registered Pharmacist. Mas Ayu Range of Products has been clinically tested on 13,000 people and is widely used by more than 50,000 people worldwide. The indications are based on actual findings on patients who have been given the various formulae and confirmed by laboratory reports and improvements on symptoms. Some of the major findings of this ground breaking research will be formally presented at the Natural and Alternative Healthcare Clinical Conference that will be held in conjunction with the Global Launch of the products in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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