Body Lotion Agarwood

Lotion Agarwood

Indulge in this luxury deliciously enticing Agawood oil blend

Helena Agarwood Body Lotion combines two powerful moisturizers—Agawood extract oil and rich hydrating cream. Extended Moisture body lotion provides 48 hours of relief for dry, tight skin.

It is enriched with natural conditioners; its unique formula provides a protective barrier against moisture loss to help skin maintain its natural moisture balance.

The nourishing dramatically improves the dry skin’s condition. Within two weeks, it transforms very dry skin into healthier-looking, more nourished and hydrated skin. Agawood extract fortifies your skin while keeping it soft and silky. Feel happy in your skin all day long!

  • Provides intense moisture, Refreshes and invigorates,
  • Dramatically reduces dryness, Boosts skin’s moisture level,
  • Luxurious texture & freshly-scented with precious Agarwood,
  • More resilient skin, firmer, more toned skin,

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